Choco Kebab & Choco Burger

Discover the new and exciting Choco Kebab and Choco Burger.


Choco Burger:


Add a twist to your desserts, with the new Choco Burger. The delicious treat is the latest innovation in the dessert industry after the Choco Kebab. Following the success of the latter, the Choco Burger has been created to offer your customers a unique dessert.


The Choco Burger is made up of a Sweet Brioche style bun wrapped around a Chocolate burger. There are also three flavours to choose from, so there is a flavour for everyone. Now all that is left is to top it off with cream, sauce, ice cream, nuts and more!


Choco Kebab:


Treat customers to a delicious chocolate kebab with tasty milk and white Italian chocolate wrapped with soft and light freshly made Choco Pita. Top the mouth-watering treat off with a selection of cream, sprinkles or whatever your heart desires, this is one dessert not to be missed!

The delicious Hazelnut Milk Chocolate shavings are wrapped around a tasty soft Pita which is then coated with all your favourite toppings to make your perfect Chocolate Shawarma. Check the Video out to see how easy it can be.

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