113 litre Nacho Display Warmer - 113 litre capacity

113 litre Nacho Display Warmer - 113 litre capacity
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Our Cabinet Style Warmers are perfect for nachos, popcorn or peanuts.
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Presentation is everything when you have only a few moments to sell a patron on concessions. But quality is everything when it's time to convince them to return for seconds on their next visit.

JM Posner's Nacho Display Warmer sees to both sides of that equation. Its tempered glass side panels make the contents plainly visible to customers, in order to stimulate their appetite. The stainless steel chute makes it equally easy to load and to serve, so that the nachos or other items remain intact and well-presented until they reach the customer. And the heating element beneath the service area will make sure that they arrive perfectly warm and fresh.

This nacho display warmer is just as useful for peanuts, popcorn, or anything else that needs to be kept warm for minutes or for hours on the item's stainless steel warming deck. And because the entire unit is easily cleaned with just a damp cloth, you'll have the option to sell one item out of it before one show then replace it with something completely different in time for the next show.

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The unit comes with a stainless steel warming deck with a heating element underneath to keep all of the product in the cabinet warm and fresh for hours.

Easy to clean , just wipe with a damp cloth

Sturdy Stainless steel and aluminium frame and tempered glass side panels

Technical Specification


L 38cm x W 38cm x H 74 cm


19.5 kg

Volts 240

Watts 50

Amps 0.5


2-3 day standard delivery. Next day express delivery available

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