Hot Chocolate Drink Maker

Hot Chocolate Drink Maker
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additional image for Hot Chocolate Drink Maker
This counter top dispenser is perfect for the mixing, dispensing and showcasing thick hot chocolate and other hot drinks.

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This countertop item is intended, first and foremost, for hot chocolate, but you’ll find that the practical uses of our hot chocolate drink maker are almost limitless. Use it to mix the perfect hot chocolate, or let it double as a dispenser for coffee or warm sauces. The mixing drum gives you the opportunity to experiment and be creative so as to offer up unique warm mixed drinks, whether the chosen base is chocolate, coffee, or alcohol.


You’ll find the hot chocolate drink maker to be reliable and very easy to use. The internal warmer heats up within fifteen minutes and a thermostat allows you to make temperature adjustments to keep the contents at just the right level of warmth or consistency.


With a 5 litre capacity, this hot chocolate drink maker allows you to serve large numbers of customers or guests at once. It can easily be refilled while in use, which is convenient because people will be sure to keep coming back. Once service is done, the hot chocolate drink maker can be taken apart for easy cleaning.


This item is offered by JMPosner white varieties, with silver lid and transparent drum to draw guests eyes towards the delicious contents.

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• Ideal use for warming Chocolate & Milk.

• Removable dispensing tap for easy cleaning.

• Removable drum for easy cleaning.

• Clear Polycarbonate 5L drum.

• Thermostat for temperature adjustments.

• Liquid storage dispenser is removable even when full for refrigerated storage.

• Serve as a dessert or aperitif or mix with coffee, alcoholic beverages or ice cream.

• Direct heating system. 15 minute heat-up time.

• Versatile and can heat all types of sauces

Technical Specification


32cm (L) x 26cm (W) x 50cm (H) Weight: 6.5kg Power: 220~240 volts, 50Hz, 1000 - 1200w.


48 hour courier dispatch

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