Krampouz Single 180 Degree Waffle Maker - 4 x 7 Belgian and Liege

Krampouz Single 180 Degree Waffle Maker - 4 x 7 Belgian and Liege
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A quality French built single 180° Waffle Maker - 4 x 7 Belgian & Liege by Krampouz.

This appliance allows your kitchen staff to create a perfect pair of thick, evenly cooked waffles, simply add your mix close the waffle iron and flip it over 180 degrees for perfect waffles every time! You can either repeat the process with identical results or quickly clean and store the appliance for later use.

The front dials allow you to minutely control the cooking temperature and precisely measure the time. Heat it up to speed the process or to suit specific customer demands, or leave the settings in place and enjoy flawless, practically indistinguishable waffles time and again.

The entire iron pivots off from its base, providing easy access to all areas that might need to be cleaned. Thus it is an efficient kitchen tool at the point of prep, cooking, and cleanup. Ideal for any restaurant or venue serving in moderate volume.

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• Stainless steel frame
• Cast steel irons
• Drip tray for waste recovery
• Protected controls
• On/off switch built into the control button
• Power light
• Thermostatic control from 50°C to 300°C
• Heat insulation of the element
• Heating indicator
• EC power supply lead for 240 V ~ 16-amp socket

Technical Specification

Type: 4 x 7 Belgian & Liege

Number of Waffles: 2

Power: 1800W

Voltage: 240V

Weight: 20KG

Size: 260 x 440 x 220 mm


1 - 2 Working Days 

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