Crepe and Pancake Supplies

A selection of Crepe and Pancake supplies including Crepe & Pancake Mix

At JM Posner we are proud to be one of the premier crepe mix suppliers in the UK and around the world. We also know that your pancake maker or crepe maker deserves a great pancake mix or crepe mix so we have devised a recipe that fits both styles perfectly. Our crepe and pancake mix comes in a standard premium style which is sold in a 12.5 kg bag, or, the egg free variety that is becoming more and more popular with our crepe mix suppliers and dessert parlour customers this is sold in a 6 x 2.3 kg bag case.

We also offer from stock lots of other toppings, spreads, such as Nutella, sauces and accessories from Krampouz, the market leader in crepe and pancake supplies in this section of the JM Posner website for use with your waffle , crepe or pancake maker.

Please feel free to browse this section and if you have any questions or requests at all please contact us using the chat box or email we would be happy to help with any information you need. You can also call us on 01923 220805 and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help.