Candy Floss Makers

Our range of Candy Floss makers and Candy Floss Machines not only look great when serving but can create cotton candy on a large scale making it easy for you to keep up with demand. 

Our Spin Magic Cotton Candy Machines provide a delightful made-to-order treat for any event or business. Candy floss is an absolute must-have item at street fairs and amusement park vendor booths. It also makes a unique and inexpensive dessert at restaurants, especially as a treat for families with small children. Our motorized candy floss makers are reliable, durable, and safe. Use them over and over again and keep your business well-stocked with always appreciated candy floss. These same candy floss machines are a worthwhile investment for any rental house, as well. You can be quite sure that they'll always come back in working order. And it won't be difficult to convince short-term vendors that a candy floss machine is worth having at their events. 

Along with candy floss machines and candy floss makers, JM Posner offers flavour concentrates, handy display stands and bags for finished candy floss, mobile vendor carts, and Sno-Cone makers and displays for those who wish to diversify their vendor offerings.