We're Thrilled to Introduce an Italian Icon of Ice Cream Quality and Gelato Tradition: Toschi!

Toschi stands as an Italian brand synonymous with unparalleled ice cream quality and timeless gelato traditions. It is a name defined by its unwavering dedication to Italian artisanry and culinary innovation.

Established in 1945 within the picturesque region of Modena, Italy, Toschi's journey began as a tribute to one of nature's most delicious offerings - cherries.

Today, we extend an invitation to embrace the traditional taste of Italy and share it with your customers through Toschi's timeless ice cream and gelato products.

Explore the extensive range that has delighted palates worldwide and savour the legacy of Toschi.

If you are looking for another product that is not in the categories below, please check our Toschi Brochure and contact us with your enquiries at 01923 220805 or Email us a info@jmposner.com