Food Safety:


At JM Posner Ltd we are proud to be BRCGS Storage and Distribution certificated, as well as this we do the additional Wholesale and E-Commerce modules. We want to ensure the best food quality and safety, striving to be reliable and consistent for our customers. The BRCGS standard is a tool to help us work in unison with other companies, ensuring we all meet the same standards as our products travel through the supply chain its delivery location.


Please see our BRCGS certificate here


Our entry onto the BRCGS Directory can be viewed from this link: BRCGS Directory


If you need to report an URGENT FOOD SAFETY ISSUE please click here and add the following info:

  • Order number
  • Batch Number
  • Photos of the problem and packaging
  • Description of the issue

This email address is monitored 24/7, we will respond as soon as possible.