Chocolate Fountain Windguards

Chocolate Fountain Windguards
from £285.00
A clear perspex guard for all JM Posner fountains, rotational for easy access for serving

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Chocolate Fountain Windguards

You may have previously faced the challenge of catering events both indoors and out of doors.  If so, you’re probably well aware of the distinct opportunities and limitations of different settings.  You might have come to the conclusion that you have to sacrifice the beauty and elegance of chocolate fountains when setting up outdoor events.  Unpredictable winds cause multiple problems.  There’s the danger of foreign objects being blown into the base, and if you’re using a cascade chocolate fountain, spatters of chocolate can be blown from the wells.


All of those problems are solved by JM Posner’s chocolate fountain wind guards.  This one simple item opens up a whole new world of catering possibilities.  Now neither you nor your clients have to choose between the glamorous appearance of a chocolate fountain and overall beauty of a natural setting.  Combine one of our several chocolate fountains with this wind guard, and you can bring the best of indoor catering out into all the best places in your area of operations.

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• Wind Guard's unique feature is that it has a recessed area to enable it to securely fit
onto the bowl
• It is made of tough perspex.
• It also has a removable door to allow easy access for coating skewers.


2-3 day standard delivery.

Next day express delivery available.

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