Pomati T5 Chocolate Tempering Machine

Pomati T5 Chocolate Tempering Machine
£4,250.00 ex VAT (£5,100.00 inc. VAT)
The smallest counter top Tempering Machine available from the experts at Pomati
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If you are planning on seriously specializing in chocolate products, this chocolate tempering machine will be an essential tool for your business. Maybe you have already been distributing pre-made chocolate or utilizing it in other applications, but are just now ready to make your own. Or maybe you have already been making chocolate the hard way, but need to invest in the right machine to increase your output.

The Pomati T5 chocolate tempering machines are suitable for professional chocolatiers and for novices. They make the process of melting, tempering, setting, and holding chocolate easier and more straightforward, so that you can focus on developing your recipes.

Proper tempering is essential to making chocolate that has the right texture and an even distribution of flavours.If anything goes wrong with that process it is hard to make a clear judgment about whether the ingredients were right.Why leave it to chance when the process can be largely automated with Pomatis high quality and easy-to-use chocolate tempering machines?

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5 kg Tank Capacity

Heated chocolate tank

Programmable on/off

Removable Archimedes screw for easy cleaning

Backflow for easy removal of chocolate

Refrigerating unit with air cooling system

Technical Specification

240 v 50 hz  0.4 kw


48 x 45 x 39 cm


1 day standard delivery. Next day express delivery available

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