Krampouz Electric Crepe Maker 40cm - Cast Iron Griddle

Krampouz Electric Crepe Maker 40cm - Cast Iron Griddle
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French made Crepe Machine by Krampouz

Globally, crepes have become much more popular in recent years. If you’ve been in business as a caterer or chef for a while, it’s understandable if you don’t have a crepe maker yet. But it’s something that’s surely worth investing in to keep up with the demands of the twenty- first century palate.

It’s not just because of customer demand that you’ll love our crepe maker. You’ll also find that it’s exceptionally easy to use. It allows for exacting control of temperature, heats up quickly, and is easy to clean between uses.

The commercial model gives you the ability to quickly heat several batches of batter into crepes, without taking up much space. It leaves you with plenty of area to prep ingredients as you explore all of the creative ways in which crepes can be filled and finished.

We promise that after you run this appliance a few times, you’ll understand crepes’ growing popularity.

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• Stainless steel frame
• Cast iron griddle
• Heating indicator light
• UK power supply lead for 230V 

Technical Specification

Size: 40cm x 12.5cm

Weight: 16kg

Voltage: 230V

Power: 3000W

Griddles: 40cm 


1 - 2 Working Days 

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