JM Posner achieves RSPO Certification


[Nottingham, UK, 23 Jan. 24] – JM Posner, a leading baking and catering supply company, is pleased to announce that it has received certification from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), reinforcing its dedication to responsible and sustainable business practices. JM Posner is proud of this significant milestone underscoring their commitment to ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility, ensuring delicious treats can also be sustainable treats.

Impacts of sustainable palm oil

The RSPO is a globally recognized organization dedicated to promoting the production and use of sustainable palm oil. To achieve certification, JM Posner has adhered to strict social and environmental standards throughout their supply chain that protects biodiversity, prevents deforestation, and ensures fair labour practices.

The RSPO certification is a demonstration of JM Posner's commitment to sourcing and utilizing palm oil in a manner that aligns with environmental conservation, social responsibility, and ethical business conduct. This achievement reflects the company's ongoing efforts to address the environmental and social impact of its supply chain.

We are excited to obtain RSPO certification, which is a big leap forward toward sustainability," said Tim Hills, Director at JM Posner. "This certification is a testament to our commitment to making responsible choices in our business practice. We are proud to lead the way in doing as much as we can to care for the planet and people.”

Key highlights of JM Posner's RSPO certification include:

  • Sustainable Sourcing:

    Palm oil production is a major cause of deforestation, but RSPO-certified oil comes from responsibly managed plantations that protect ecosystems. JM Posner is committed to sourcing palm oil and its derivatives from RSPO-certified sustainable sources, ensuring products are produced without causing deforestation or harm to local communities.

Sustainable Sourcing RSPO certification

  • Accountability: 

    The company employs robust traceability systems, allowing it to track palm oil and its derivatives back to certified sources (that are human and eco-friendly).

Accountability RSPO certification

  • Biodiversity protection:

     RSPO certification safeguards endangered species and their habitats. JM Posner adheres to RSPO criteria to support environmental conservation, protection of biodiversity, and the sustainability of palm oil production.

Biodiversity protection RSPO certification

  • Fair Trade for Farmers:

    RSPO standards guarantee fair labour practices and support the well-being of palm oil farmers and their communities. JM Posner respects the rights of workers and local communities everywhere.

Fair Trade for Farmers RSPO certification

  • Continuous Improvement:

    As a certified company, JM Posner is dedicated to continuous improvement, regular reviewing and enhancing its sustainability practices.

Continuous Improvement RSPO certification

The RSPO certification is part of JM Posner's broader sustainability strategy, which includes efforts to minimize its environmental footprint, reduce waste, and support social responsibility throughout its supply chain. The company also sources cocoa and other ingredients from suppliers who share their values of environmental and social responsibility.

"We're always looking for new ways to reduce our environmental impact and support sustainable practices. It’s our goal to help protect our environment, being RSPO certified is just one additional step in our effort to ensure sustainability," says Philip Rundlett. "Partnering with RSPO and other responsible suppliers is just one part of our ongoing commitment to building a more sustainable future for the baking and catering industry."


About JM Posner

JM Posner is a leading supplier of high-quality baking and catering ingredients to businesses of all sizes. The company is committed to providing its customers with delicious, reliable products while staying true to its values of sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Join JM Posner in taking a bite out of deforestation! Choose RSPO-certified ingredients and help make a positive difference for the planet, one delicious treat at a time.