JM Posner Earns Rainforest Alliance Certification

JM Posner Earns Rainforest Alliance Certification for Sustainable Agriculture Practices 


[Sutton in Ashfield, 22-May-2024] - JM Posner, a leading provider of high-quality chocolate and confectionery products, proudly announces its recent certification with the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard. This prestigious certification reinforces JM Posner's commitment to sustainable sourcing and environmentally responsible practices within the global food industry. 


The Rainforest Alliance Certification Program is renowned for its rigorous standards and comprehensive criteria. By achieving this certification, JM Posner demonstrates its dedication to promoting sustainable agricultural practices and supporting the well-being of farmers and forest communities. This achievement is a testament to JM Posner's ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility. 


"Our certification with the Rainforest Alliance is a significant milestone for JM Posner," said Operations Director, Tim Hills. "It represents our unwavering dedication to sourcing ingredients that are produced with social, economic, and environmental sustainability in mind. We believe that sustainability and responsible sourcing are crucial for creating a world where people and nature thrive in harmony." 


The Rainforest Alliance Certified seal prominently displayed on JM Posner products indicates that the company's ingredients are sourced from farmers, foresters, and companies who are working together to create a sustainable future. This certification ensures that forests are protected, climate change is addressed, human rights are upheld, and livelihoods are improved. 


To be granted Rainforest Alliance Certification, companies must prioritise sustainability throughout their supply chains, starting with the farms from which they source their ingredients. JM Posner's certification is based on the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard, which encompasses requirements for both farmers and companies. These requirements include ensuring fair working conditions for farmworkers, responsible land management practices that conserve and increase tree cover, and the prevention of human rights violations. 


"At JM Posner, we believe that our commitment to sustainability extends beyond just offering exceptional chocolate and confectionery products. We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and supporting the well-being of farming communities," said Dawn Hoskin, JM Posner’s Warehouse Manager. "Our Rainforest Alliance Certification is a testament to our ongoing efforts to improve farmer incomes, protect forests, and promote a sustainable future." 


JM Posner is thrilled to join the global movement for positive change led by the Rainforest Alliance. By proudly displaying the Rainforest Alliance Certification seal on its products, JM Posner invites consumers to contribute to a better world through their purchasing choices. 


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For more information about JM Posner and its commitment to sustainability, please visit the Rainforest Alliance’s website "What Does “Rainforest Alliance Certified” Mean?"