Perfect Hot Chocolate



Is there a secret to making the perfect hot chocolate? What does the perfect hot chocolate look like? Taste like?


Every café, restaurant you visit will make a hot chocolate drink with high expectations and there is a disappointment when it’s not quite to your liking. Does it have that silky-smooth satisfying taste and is there one way to make it that will always make it that way?


First of all choose your milk preference, Whole/Semi. Coconut, Almond or Cashew could give it a nice alternative flavour.


Then melt the chocolate JMPosner’s finest milk chocolate range is available in Milk, White and Dark options.


While melting the chocolate pre -warm your mug to keep the temperature longer.


Add 220ml of your milk choice to a pan until it gently simmers. Don’t bring to the boil.

Add the chocolate to the milk, gently whisk until the chocolate has melted.


Pour, into your favourite mug, top with our marvellous marshmallows and sit down and relax to enjoy your comforting winter warmer.