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We have an in-house repair team made up of two skilled and experienced engineers. We service all our products plus have a large range of parts to keep your machines going. We have a simple collection service, we then repair the issue(s) and send them back to you. 

We can repair JM Posner, Giles and Posner and Sephra Chocolate Fountains, Paragon Candy Floss Machines, JM Posner and Paragon Popcorn Machines, JM Posner and Krampouz Waffle and Crepe  Makers and more catering equipment. If you are not sure if we can fix yours, then call us on the number above and we will be happy to let you know whether we can help. We also have a PAT Testing Facility, to ensure that all your appliances are safe at events, stalls, restaurants and your stores. 

We pride ourselves on being fair, so before we start fixing your machine we always ask you first to ensure you do not get an unexpected bill. Prices vary per machine and problem, we offer a free assessment (up to 15 minutes) but shipping may be charged.

If you have a machine which is not JM Posner branded, then please call us to see if we are able to fix them for you. 


The Team


Chief Engineer with over 10 years' experience in the trade and 5 years at JM Posner

TOP TIPS from our onsite engineers: 


All Machines:

1: Always clean your machine according to its instruction manual. 

2: Always follow the instructions for use of your machines.

3: Do not dishwash parts unless it is stated safe to do so in the instruction manual.


Chocolate Fountains: 

1: Do not keep adding oil to your chocolate to thin it as this could cause the chocolate to leak through the seals and damage the insides of the fountains.

2: Turn the bearing by hand before each use, if the bearing is tight to turn then you will need it replacing. 

3: Do not heat chocolate over recommended temperature as this may cause the heat pad to over work and burn out quicker. 


Waffle Machines: 

1: Do not spray oil on the non-stick plates as this could cause a build up of excess oil.

2: Do not exceed recommended temperature in the instruction manual of the machine.

3: Do not leave the machine when on closed when not in use as this will cause the coating on the plates to burn off.


Popcorn Machines: 

1: Do not use the kettle without making popcorn, always turn off when not in use.

2: Do not overfill as this could become a hazard to the machine, user and/or the customer. 

3: Do not wash or submerge in water as it will damage the components - Clean with a damp cloth. 

To request repairs or a service please send a request through our repairs and service page.

Repairs and Service