Dessert Parlour Movement!



Dessert parlours and businesses are becoming more and more popular and with the use of social media the images that they produce continue to attribute to their success.


It’s not all about the taste but how the image alone can make you salivate over the social media post on Instagram or Facebook. The perfect shot of a colourful ice cream topped with hundreds and thousands against a background of a desired destination or city life.


Trendy ice-cream parlours, waffle houses and creperies are continuing to become the go to destinations for excited food bloggers, instagrammers and members of the public to post on their colourful newsfeeds.


The ‘Creams ‘chain is continuing to increase its stores with its popular desserts being enjoyed all over the country. Adventurous ice cream flavours such as peanut butter, pickled mango, turmeric, ginger and wheatgrass, are an interesting way to gain inquisitive customers wanting to try new flavours and even film inspired flavours like hunger games and unicorn ice creams.


Dessert parlours are an alternative to a pub for people that don’t drink and need a place to socialise and their popularity are re-enacting the times of the past when London ice-cream parlours were the place to go!


Jmposner are continuing to develop and supply exciting new trends, sauces, toppings, mixes and equipment to create the most creative, exciting and tasty desserts.


Including, toppings from Lotus Biscoff, Nutella, Oreo and also looking at alternative dietary requests so vegans, gluten free and customers with dietary requirements can also enjoy desserts. Currently available, are the JMposner vegan, gluten free and wholemeal waffle mix.


It’s a sweet time to have your cake and eat it.