Vegan Waffle Mix

More people are embracing a plant -based lifestyle, whether for ethical or health reasons. In response to the demand JM Posner have created the much - awaited Vegan Waffle mix to provide a solution to this new way of eating.


There is no need for customers to give up their much-loved desserts now you can also add value to your business by providing an alternative dessert for the standard waffles whether sweet or savoury. Desserts can still be delicious and tasty without animal products, you can keep your customer happy and knowing they can get what they require at your dessert parlour, restaurant, café or event.

All businesses are jumping on the vegan bandwagon, the trend is in response to the massive increase in vegans and it’s become increasingly normal to have that choice available on your menu.


Our latest Waffle Mix – Vegan is packed full of flavour and is perfect for those who want to follow a vegan lifestyle but not compromise the great taste of a waffle.

Making perfect Vegan Waffles couldn’t be easier, simply add oil & water to the mix and bake delicious for both breakfast and dessert, add your favourite toppings and enjoy this classic treat!